Hope4Health is a non-profit organisation and registered charity founded by Griffith University students in 2006

What was initially a small medical student run organisation, now boasts over 1,000 members from all health disciplines. Our organisation is focused on eliminating health inequality wherever it exists. H4H aims to improve health outcomes for local, rural, indigenous and international communities. We achieve our goals by coordinating awareness raising activities for our members including guest speaker seminars, clinical skills trips, teddy bear hospitals and much more. Each year we also host corporate fundraising events, including our not to be missed black tie gala, the Jazz Dinner Dance.

A world without health inequalities.

To improve health outcomes for local, rural, indigenous and international communities.

Fun, Professionalism, Teamwork, Relationships, Sustainability, Neutrality, Empowerment


In early 2006, as the sun was setting over the Broadwater in Southport, a group of first year medical students were conversing in The Anglers Arms Hotel after a long day of lectures. One of the students was telling his peers of an exciting project that was being undertaken to build a hospital in Ghana, West Africa. Inspired by this opportunity, each of the students wished to make a contribution and discussions began about ways to increase awareness and support for this project – one of which was to host a gala charity dinner for the health and business communities of the Gold Coast.

On August 25th 2006, Hope4Health was registered as an Incorporated Association and Charity with the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland. Less than 12 months on from that the proposed gala ball – the inaugural Jazz Dinner Dance – was held on Saturday 26th May, 2007 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. The evening was a stunning success. There were over 450 guests, a new BMW was sold at auction, and entertainment was provided by Con Artists jazz big band. Most importantly $60,000 was raised for the ‘Ghana Project’ and Hope4Health was prepared to achieve even greater heights!

Hope4Health has been moving from strength to strength ever since. Annually, over 25 programs are run across our Local, Rural, Indigenous and International portfolios, with our enthusiastic members and dedicated executive are adding more each year. In 2013 alone five new projects – Birthing Kits Assembly Night, Community Health Screening Program, Deadly Ears Indigenous Placement, Mental Health First Aid and Project PNG – were developed.

Hope4Health timeline of achievements


  • MARCH – Hope4Health is conceived by a small, dedicated team of Griffith University Medical Students.
  • AUGUST – Hope4Health was registered as an Incorporated Association and Charity with the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland


  • FEBRUARY – Teddy Bear Hospital, a UK initiative aimed at promoting healthy living to primary school children, is rolled out in local Gold Coast Schools
  • MAY – The Inaugural Jazz Dinner dance is a huge success raising $65 000 to build the Dabaa Hospital in Ghana together with the Watson Association.


  • SEPTEMBER – The 2008 Jazz Dinner Dance held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition centre, raises $10,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS)
  • OCTOBER – Hope4Health, in collaboration with TROHPIQ (UQ) and BUSHFIRE (Bond), holds the first of the infamous B and S styled Midnight Muster events at Beaudesert Racecourse. Annually this event brings together 350 health students from Griffith, Bond and UQ in support of the Royal Flying Doctors Service.


  • MAY – The Ubuntu Through Health project is established by a group of 6 Griffith University medical students, under the Hope4Health banner.


  • JUNE – The first Cherbourg Dental Clinic sees supervised Griffith Dental students provide emergency dental treatment for the Indigenous community of Cherbourg, who haven’t had access to a local dentist for several years. In 2011, 1065 procedures were completed, which according to 2009 Queensland Health costing, amounted to just under $80,000 worth of treatment.
  • SEPTEMBER – the Jazz dinner dance raises $15 000 for the Ubuntu through health Nutritional Support Initiative (NSI) which was launched in Khayelitsha, Africa in 2012


  • MARCH – The Healthy Start program is established in partnership with Multicultural Development Association (MDA). This program aims to give recently arrived refugees to Australia information about healthy living and the Australian health system.
  • Student Elective Aid Program is established. Student Elective Aid Program – this program encourages medical facilities to donate equipment and supplies to Hope4Health for the purpose of later taking these supplies to International communities where they are in critically short supply.
  • SEPTEMBER – The inaugural Spirit of Healthy Horizons Conference brings together prestigious speakers, community dignitaries and over 150 health student delegates from Griffith University, Bond University and the University of Queensland to celebrate positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health initiatives.
  • 2012 Jazz Dinner Dance sees 350 medical professionals and students come together at the Gold Coast’s Marriott hotel to raise $20,000 for Fiji Heart to equip a cardiac catheterization laboratory in Suva’s Colonial War Memorial Hospital. This laboratory is the only one of its kind in Fiji and provides integrated and comprehensive cardiac service for Fiji and the Pacific region.
  • NOVEMBER – Ubuntu Through Health hosts the Dinner For Ruben event at Royal on the Park in Brisbane The Ruben Centre is a not-for-profit charity organisation situated in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums of Nairobi, Kenya. This event raised $53,775 to ensure funding for the Ruben Centre’s Malnutrition Intervention Program (MIP) and OT incentive program for four years.


  • The Sumba Project was established by a group of Griffith University medical students under the Hope4Health banner. JULY – Hope4Health in partnership with Queensland Rural Medical Education sends the first students on the Papua New Guinea Medical Aid Program. This program is an integrated medical training program in the western providence of PNG, with the goal of providing medical equipment and staff up-skilling.
  • AUGUST – Ubuntu Through Health Dinner will be held at Victoria Park in Brisbane, hoping to raise enough funds to purchase an ambulance for the Hope Medical Centre in Dabaa, Ghana. This hospital was built by Hope4Health and the Watson Association with the money raised at the inaugral Jazz Dinner Dance and officially opened in 2012.
  • Due to its overwhelming success in 2012, the Spirit of Healthy Horizons Conference is extended to a 2-day event in order to include positive programs being run in international and refugee health.
  • SEPTEMBER – The 2013 Jazz Dinner Dance returns to the Gold Coast’s Marriott hotel to raised $20,000 for the Papa New Guinea Medical Aid Program.


  • APRIL – Ubuntu Through Health puts on the inaugural Jungle Party and raises $2000 for birthing kits destined for PNG.
  • OCTOBER – Inaugural Red Week raises $4200 for Fiji Network for People Living with HIV (FJN+)


  • MARCH – Op Shop Ball raises over $1100 for Radio Lollipop – an international charity which provides comfort, assistance and entertainment for children in hospital and their families, including those at the GCUH


  • FEBRUARY – Op Shop Ball raises over $1300 for Radio Lollipop


  • MAY – Jungle Party 2017 raises over $3200 to support the continuing work of both Ubuntu Through Health and Hope4Health’s International portfolio
  • JULY – Sunset Soiree 2017 celebrates the Seed Foundation’s work in support of First People’s Health and raises over $11000 for the organization to support students in Northern Queensland
  • AUGUST – Code Green at Griffith and Bond run as a team representing Doctors for Environment Australia (DEA) at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Over $1900 is raised to support DEA’s work to address the health effects of climate change


  • FEBRUARY – Op Shop Ball raises over $3300 for Radio Lollipop
  • JULY – Inaugural Bush Bash raises nearly $5000 for rural scholarship program to allow ten medical students to undertake rural placements during the summer
  • AUGUST – Ubuntu Through Health Annual Fundraising Dinner raised $11,081 for their Malnutrition Intervention Program for children at the Ruben Centre in Nairobi, Kenya
  • NOVEMBER – Drought Drive fundraiser raises nearly $1200 for Australian farmers affected by droughts