Hope4Health has a modest budget, sourced primarily from donations and sponsorship. Given our limited resources, all directors are acutely aware of their fiduciary responsibility to ensure all funds are allocated in both an efficient and ethical manner. It is through the generous contributions from sponsors and donors that we have been able to achieve so much. We welcome interest from any organisation or individual wanting to partner with Hope4Health or simply contribute to our not for profit organisation.

Our Gold Sponsor


An ongoing partner of Hope4Health over the last few years, Health Workforce Queensland (HWQ) is committed to providing opportunities for more students to be involved with rural, remote, and indigenous health in Queensland. For more information, visit https://www.healthworkforce.com.au/about-us

Our Silver Sponsors


As one of our ongoing sponsors, Big Box Self Storage provides affordable, secure self-storage units and storage containers to suit your storage requirements. For more information, visit http://www.bigboxselfstorage.com.au


As Australia’s leading medical defence organisation (MDO), Avant’s Free Student membership and indemnity insurance package is like no other.

Our strength and size means we have the ability to offer you the products, services and ongoing risk education you need as a medical student. And, as a mutual, everything Avant does is designed to benefit our members.

Student Membership is Free.  Find out more avant.org.au or call 1800 128 268.

Join the MDO more doctors choose at www.avant.org.au/interns/


Griffith University Student Guild helps to maximise the university experience for each Griffith student through a wide variety of services and the events they organise. For more information on GUGC Student Guild, go to: https://www.gugcstudentguild.com.au

Our Minor Sponsors


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Events and Opportunities

Hope4Health has a range of events and opportunities that can be utilised by our sponsors and donors to help achieve some of their own goals.

Corporate Opportunities

Hope4Health offers a range of corporate events which can be utilised by other organisations in order to promote their own businesses to specific groups. These include:

  • Hope4Health First Year Medicine orientation lunch
  • Annual Gala Dinner / Jazz Dinner Dance
  • Hope4Health Alumni Launch Finance Night (Medicine and Dentistry)
  • Hope4Health Graduation Breakfast (Medicine and Dentistry)

Promotional Opportunities

Hope4Health has a range of other promotional opportunities available to our partners and sponsors. These include the following services:

  • Promotional material distributed to students attending Hope4Health events
  • Logo/brand exposure on our website
  • Advertisements in our annual publication
  • Logo recognition on all Hope4Health posters and publications
  • Your business would have the opportunity to promote its corporate social responsibility by highlighting support for Hope4Health.

For more information please contact sponsorship@hope4health.org.au to discuss how we could partner with your organisation.